Because we spend most of our lives working, it is important to know what occupational dimension is and how it relates to a fulfilling life.

Occupational Dimension is related to the attitude we have while working, and the ability to find a balance between our personal satisfaction and work. The job that would give us an occupational wellness, is the one where we can contribute and share our unique gifts, talents, and skills. It is primary to look for a meaningful and rewarding job, where we can express our values, ideas, and beliefs. Our ultimate happiness goes hand in hand with the job we choose.

If you don’t know if your work is fulfilling, here are a few things you might want to ask yourself:

  1. Am I meeting my needs? How long it takes me to meet those needs?
  2. Am I developing new skills and mastering the ones I already have?
  3. Am I doing what I feel passionate about? Is the passion I feel towards my work increasing?
  4. Am I making a positive contribution to others?

If you want to have a better idea on how to find a meaningful work, here is a video that might help you.  How to Find Meaningful Work


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