Writing is a great way for expressing your emotions and letting your creativity emerge. You can write poems, short stories, fiction stories, journals, anything. As I am giving you this advice, I let my creativity come forth and wrote this poem.

Standing petrified on that gray, slippery floor,
one behind the other;
seems like a chiliad passing.
Voices attacking me
like sharks after the initial bite;
turning into screams that hammer my ears
like an iron tool,
music that slowly becomes torture.
Even my own thoughts make me feel
like an anvil dropped to the sea.
With a slow move
I turn my head to the left;
I can barely see…
Bulks? Lumps?
What are those dark, totter silhouettes?
Wait! I heard something…
A strong, rough, violent, voice.
What did it say?
a hard shove brings me back to that endless tunnel-
now we walk
as soldiers marching to war.
The only thing I hear
is a borborygmus with each step.
My soul is outside my body.
Seconds, minutes, hours,
days, even seasons pass by.
Winter, spring, summer, autumn…

*Chiliad (a thousand things or a thousand years)
*Eviternity (eternal existence or everlasting duration)
*Borborygmus (a rumbling or gurgling noise in the intestines)